Here are some of the people and companies that have supported Love Made Real.

River of Life Christian Fellowship Church

This church located in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, is the home church of Guy & Shirley Robitaille. It is in this church that enabled them to become involved in missions, which ultimately led to the founding of Love Made Real Ministries. Our home church is our biggest supporter.

Senderos de Luz Ministerio

In 2010 Guy & Shirley were introduced to Hilmar Avila, his wife Carmen and their three boys (Aroldo, Andres and Caleb). Love Made Real Ministries and Senderos de Luz Ministerio have formed a partnership whereas we work together to make decisions on which humanitarian projects our teams will be working on. The church in the village of La Pinada is also of the same name. Senderos de Luz is the main ministry that Love Made Real supports in Guatemala. Through them, we have been introduced to many other ministries, some of which we also support.

Ontario Christian Gleaners

This organization, headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada produces the soup mix that we use to feed children in 5 different feeding centres in Guatemala. Without their help it would be financially prohibitive to feed as many children as we do. In 2013 we will be receiving 600 three pound bags of the soup mix. Each bag can feed 100 children. If you would like to volunteer in the preparation of the soup mix, you can contact Shelley Stone, the manager at the Ontario Christian Gleaners.

Global Christian Ministry Forum

Guy & Shirley Robitaille, founders of Love Made Real ministries, hold ministerial credentials with this organization.

Dentistry for All

For the past two years, this organization has brought a team of professionals to our village of La Pinada. In a 4 day span, they will see approximately 300 patients. We transport patients from several villages to our dental clinics.


This organization is responsible for giving Guy & Shirley Robitaille a home to house our teams of volunteers from 2008 to 2012. The founders, Richard and Susan Schmaltz are retired educators from the Ottawa Valley near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We owe much to this couple for their hospitality and for the contacts they extended to us as we launched Love Made Real Ministries.

Shared Beat

This is an organization from Texas who has blessed us with teams of medical professionals in the village of La Pinada. They have sent us a team of general practitioners and a team of pediatricians over the past year. We hope to continue this partnership as we continue to establish ourselves in Guatemala.