Get Involved

Love Made Real relies on teams of volunteers to get involved and serve the poor of Guatemala.
It is also the team’s responsibility to also fund the activities in which they will be partaking in. See our section on “Projects.”

Before a team leaves to return to Canada or the United States, we do our best to try and take a team picture after which we frame and put on our 1John 3:18 wall in the Mission House. We believe that reaching these peoples for Christ also includes action on our part and not just evangelism. Projects are often the open door for us to share a word or two about faith in Christ.

Guy & Shirley Robitaille started bringing teams of volunteers to Guatemala in 2008. Since then they have hosted 15 teams from Canada and the United States. These include dentists from Milwaukee and Calgary, Medical Practitioners from Texas, Optometrists from Guatemala City.

Love Made Real has a slew of projects to choose from that volunteers can involve themselves with as they seek to give of themselves to the less fortunate in Guatemala. No one can argue how blessed we are in Canada and the United States, coming on a mission trip has a way of putting things into right perspective for us and thus enabling us all to come away with a greater sense of gratitude for what we do have back home. For most individuals, as we give of ourselves and serve others, our hearts change and we long for the opportunity to return and experience this phenomena.

Our signature scripture is found in 1John 3:18; “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

The typical cost of a Mission trip is comprised of the following:

• Air fare
• In-country transportation
• Room & Board
• Project contribution
• Administration fee
• Exchange rate adjustment, if required (for Canadians only as all prices are in USD)

The pricing for each team or individual is made available upon receiving the necessary details of the trip;
• Length of stay
• In-country transportation requirements
• Project costs, if applicable

For Team Leaders, the following links of documents are available for you to peruse as you prepare to consider getting involved in such an endeavour as a Mission Trip through Love Made Real;
• Team Leader’s Guide
• Application
• Dos and don’ts
• Checklist of things to bring
• Information document